Celina Vleugels

by Alexander Popelier


Celina Vleugels translates her imagination into intimate drawings and textile works which tickle our senses. The tender structure of the textile installations, that originate from thread, textile, paint, hand embroidery, felt and recycled material, brings us comfort. In contrast to the soft material, Celina Vleugels tackles rather difficult themes in her work: how do we deal with the loss of a loved one? Do we need to protect ourselves? Am I truly my own self? The weight of these concerns, compared to the light materials, causes both contradiction and complementarity.

This young artist, graduated in both painting and textile design, seeks a place where she can reveal the most vulnerable version of herself, without feeling judged. As a viewer, your sense of time fades into the background as Vleugels takes you along into an imaginary world, longing for the days of the past.


 2020 - 2021 , Master in Textile Design

2019 – 2020, Bachelor in Textile Design

2018 – 2019, Master in Painting
2015 – 2018, Bachelor in Painting


2021, Juryprice Textile Department, Luca Ghent
2019, Antwerp Artistic Awards, Jean-Gallery, Antwerp

Group Exhibitions
2024, Duo-show: Shoobil Gallery, Antwerp
2023, Rice Paper Lamps, Gaest Design, Antwerp
2023, Spoor Festival, Ichtegem
2023, adaf/adomesticartfair, Brussels
2022, Gagarin Brussels, for the brand glenfiddichwhisky! In coworking with Thewunderwall
2022, Infinite Flowers, PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp
2022, The Wunderwall At The Beach, PLUS-ONE Gallery x Sofie Van de Velde Gallery, Antwerp
2022, The Thinking Hand, Tatjana Pieters, Ghent
2022, L’attitude: ‘Binnenzijde’, Citygade, Brussels
2022, Designfest: Be Wild, Act & Change, Design Museum Ghent

2021, I Want Your Drawing! 3 of Obsessions, Madrid, Spain
2021, TAZ de optimistenzeiltjes, Ostend

2021, Everything was Better Tomorrow, Ronse

2021, Het Land van Oof, Het Bos, Antwerp

2021, The Kids Are Alright, Keen Gallery, Antwerp

2021, Healing Chaos, Kavka Oudaan, Antwerp

2021, Healing Chaos, Ladiesdrawingclüb, (online Russia)

2020, COCOON with Issa Mushidi, KOPvzw, Antwerp

2020, NIGHTWATCH FOMU, Antwerp

2019, Show don’t tell, Tell, Don’t Show, LUCA Ghent
2019, TO BE ANTWERP, Life is art Gallery, Antwerp

2019, ENJOY, Platform, Deinze

2019, Duo-Expo met Charlotte Verbiest, NOH-Gallery, Antwerp

Solo Exhibitions
2022, January, The Wunderwall, Antwerp
2021, Sept-Okt, The Temple of Memories, Tatjana Pieters Galerij, Ghent
2020, Life is art Gallery, Sint-Jorispoort 20, Antwerp

2022, House Under Construction, Design Museum Ghent

2020, oktober-november. COCOON with Issa Mushidi, KOPvzw, Antwerp

2022, Masters movie for Subbacultcha, SMAK at the exhibition of Philippe Van Snick, Ghent
2022, Haha-Erlebnis, De Standaard Magazine

2021, Open VRT, De 20 van 21, Brussel

2021, HVISK ATELIER: HVISK x Celina Vleugels


2024, 20 to watch in 2024, FlandersDC
2023, Het Uitzicht, De Standaard
2021, Thesis, The Temple of Childhood Memories
2021, Healing Chaos, Ladiesdrawingclüb

2022, june, Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany
2022, September, Felting Workshop Acadamy of Textile Department, Antwerp