Celina Vleugels


Every Patchwork is unique and has is own personal story from memory. Each patchwork is combined with acrylic painting, hand embroidery and wet/dry felting technique.  Used with reused fabrics combined with old textiles of Dries Van Noten as an ode and recreation of my mother.

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And I Know we Will See Each Other Again, 2023
Dry felting, hand embroidery, wool, acrylic on different fabrics
110 cm x 130 cm

Your scent lingering, 2023
Acryl on different fabrics
43 x 76 cm

Paravent: Initimate distance, 2023
Dry felting, hand embroidery, acrylic, different fabrics and acrylic wood

Blue Rain, Frozen in Time, 2023
Dry felt, acrylic, hand embroidery and old fabrics from my Mom combined and hand sewed together on Moving blanket.
+- 3,56m x 3,5m

The Summer of 2001,
Acrylic, hand embroidery, dry felt and fabric on moving blanket 
226 x 146 cm

Healing Chaos, 2021
Acrylic, hand embroidery, wet/dry felt and cotton on Moving blanket
+- 150 x 170cm

And If you want to leave, I will pretend you never existed, 2021
Dry felt, Hand embroidery, Acrylic, sewed with old curtain, on moving blanket.
226 x 146 cm

Project for HVISK handbags,
Patchwork: different fabrics, hand embroidery and wet felt

A day at the beach in 2001, 2020
Acrylic and hand embroidery on different fabrics
+- 290cm x 172cm

How Can I become You series, 
Acrylic and embroidery on different fabrics

How Can I become You series,
Patchwork with Acrylic, hand embroidery on different fabrics
+- 195cm x 185cm

Home. 2018
My first patchwork ever made/ Not for sale
150cm x 131cm

From Childhood Memories,
Dry Felting and embroidery on different fabrics
133cm x 146cm

Even when the season changes, you will always be rememembered. 2020
Industrial weaving combined with hand embroidery pieces
128cm x 145cm


To the Temple of Childhood Memories, 2021
jacquard piece of an oil pastel drawing, wool and linen
120 x 170 cm unique